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Business Dental Plans

Kaiser Permanente business dental plans help you invest in the health of your employees at a manageable cost. Our dental plans are designed to give your employees a wide range of care options with a focus on prevention, without sacrificing coverage for other dental needs.

Dental Plans to Fit Your Business

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Total Health Solutions

Our medical and dental teams work as a team to help protect the total health of our members. Shared health records mean our dentists see when members are due for medical screenings and can help schedule their appointment right away. In fact, did you know that Kaiser Permanente members with both medical and dental coverage weigh less, smoke less, and visit the hospital and emergency department less often than members with just medical coverage?²

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  • Get non-urgent dental advice.
  • Receive appointment confirmations and reminder notifications.

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Traditional Dental Plans

Our Traditional Dental plans combine quality and affordability. You can choose from a wide range of plan choices and mix and match a number of deductibles or office visit copays for any plan combination.

All plans come with no waiting periods or extra costs. On most plans, members can get a routine dental exam with X-rays, a cleaning, and fluoride treatment for a low copayment.

Our dental group consists of dentists, specialists, and hygienists who practice evidence-based preventive care at our 21 conveniently located Kaiser Permanente dental offices.

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Dental Choice PPO Plans

The Dental Choice plans offer more flexibility at an affordable price. You can give your employees access to a nationwide preferred provider organization (PPO) panel of more than 415,000 dentists. It includes more than 9,300 dentist access points in Oregon and Washington, including those in Kaiser Permanente dental facilities. Members on a Dental Choice plan don’t need a referral to see any licensed dentists.

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Voluntary Dental Plans

Our voluntary dental plans give individual employees in your company the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality dental plan — at no cost to you. Employees pay 100% of the premium through payroll deduction and can access quality dental care. Voluntary dental plans are available to groups of 51 or more employees and a minimum of 25% of employees must participate in the Voluntary dental plan.

Voluntary Plan Requirements:
  • Employee must contribute 51% or greater to meet Voluntary guidelines.
  • 25% of employees must participate in the Voluntary (cap) dental plan.
  • The employer must set up payroll deductions and submit premiums on behalf of their employees.
  • Employees participating in the Voluntary dental plan are required to contribute to the plan’s monthly premium.
  • Once enrolled, employees cannot change their selection until the next open enrollment period.